God's Comfort in Sorrow
The sorrows of this life are too heavy for us to bear alone. As believers we are encouraged to come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Read more

The Eternal Security of the Children of God
True children of God are, according to the Scriptures, forever saved and eternally secure... Read more

Hindrances to Prayer
The normal Christian life is a life of regular, daily answer to prayer. Read more

Great is the Mystery
The birth of Jesus Christ may provide only sentimental imagery and religious ceremony for multitudes, but for the one who has trusted Christ as Saviour, the Incarnation of God the Son takes on immeasurable meaning. Read more


John Bunyan
English preacher and writer who while he was imprisoned for preaching the Gospel, wrote The Pilgrim's Progress. Read more

Ann Judson
First American woman missionary to go overseas. She sailed with her husband, Adoniram, for Calcutta, India, in 1812. Ann learned the Burmese and Siamese languages, did translation work, taught Burmese girls, managed her household and cared for her husband during his 18 month imprisonment in 1824-25. Read more

George Müller
Prussian-born English evangelist and philanthropist. A man of faith and prayer, he established orphanages in Bristol, England. Read more

Mary Slessor
Scottish missionary who served the Lord Jesus Christ in Calabar, Africa where she was commonly called "Ma" Slessor. Read more

Good News

Holy BibleWhat Must I Do to Be Saved? Here in the simplest, shortest form is put the question to which every person must learn the answer, or spend eternity lost, away from God, suffering the torments of the damned! Thank God, this question is asked and answered in the Word of God so simply that every soul can understand it. Read more

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