Hans' Decision

Hans tract coverA Christian missionary doctor often held gospel meetings at his home in the evenings. Hans worked for him, and part of his job was to greet those who came to the doctor's house and to make them comfortable. When all the people had entered, Hans would sit nearby and listen.

One night the subject was the second coming of Christ. The doctor showed how the Bible clearly tells us that the Lord Jesus will come again soon and take His people to heaven. Anyone who has accepted Him as Saviour will hear His call and will leave this earth. Those who have not believed will be left behind in this world for judgment.

Later that night, after the meeting was over, the doctor asked Hans, "Did you understand what was said during the meeting?"

"Yes, I did," Hans replied. "All right," the doctor said. "I just wanted to tell you that when the Lord Jesus comes, I will not need any of the things that I possess anymore since my whole family and I will then leave this world. So you may have my entire house if you are still working for me when the Lord Jesus comes."

Hans, who was still a teenager, had never expected such an offer. He was even more surprised when the doctor added, "You may have all my furniture, my car, and everything I own!" He was so amazed that he almost forgot to say, "Thank you."

That night he was so excited he couldn't sleep a wink. A thousand thoughts were racing through his mind. But suddenly, as he lay thinking of how rich he would be, another thought struck him: What use would a house, car, or even thousands of dollars be if, when the Lord Jesus comes, I am left behind to meet Him as my judge? I would much rather go to heaven with Him than be left behind with the door closed to heaven.

As the silent hours of the night passed and Hans continued to think of the truth he had heard from the Bible, he couldn't stand to just lie in bed anymore. He went to the doctor's house and knocked.

"Well, Hans, come in. What's the trouble?" asked the doctor.

"Please excuse me, but I don't want your house when Jesus comes."

"Really?" asked the doctor.

"No," answered Hans decidedly, "and I don't want your car or your money either."

"Well, Hans, what do you want then?"

"When the Lord Jesus comes, I want to go to heaven with Him!"

How glad the doctor was to hear that! He and Hans sat down and read the Bible and talked together. Then they knelt down and Hans prayed with all his heart. He told Jesus that he was a sinner and asked Jesus to wash his sins away with His precious blood. And the Lord Jesus, who is always ready, day or night, to give peace and salvation to every truly repentant sinner, heard Hans' prayer.

What about you? Would you be ready if the Lord Jesus should return today? "Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh…at midnight…or in the morning" (Mark 13:35). "Now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2).

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